The Who I Am Projectby Jessica McDaniel of Boston Baby Photos
So, to test out this idea, this spring I did this "Who I Am" Project for my own kids.
Don’t change, Annie.
Stay the way you are
and people will flock to you.

- Todd Sullivan, Basketball Coach
Sadie is kind, gentle and sweet.

- Paula Osbun, Classroom teacher
Annie makes me laugh
when she shares goofy
YouTube videos with me -
we laugh at all the same times
because we have a nearly
identical sense of humor.

- Evan McDaniel / Dad
Sadie is an absolutely
undeniable, perfect force.
She blows me away
with her strong will and focus.

- Jess McDaniel / Mum
Annie can pick up a new skill
more quickly than
almost anyone I've ever met.

- Evan McDaniel / Dad
Sadie is a total clothes horse!
It shows her strong sense of self.

- Shirley McDaniel / Grandma
Hanging out with Annie
is always a blast.

- Anais Kim
The first day of first grade,
I was a little nervous,
and Sadie was there for me.

We've been best friends ever since.

- Lucy Gelman
She makes me
want to slow down
and soak in her wonderfulness.

- Jannie O'Conor / Mimi
Sadie spends most
of her time creating art.

She’s happiest doing
some kind of project.

- Shirley McDaniel / Grandma
To be completely honest,
I’ve never met a kid like Annie.

It’s rare to meet someone so
young who’s so calm under pressure.

- Todd Sullivan, Basketball Coach
Sadie’s a real friend.
She's fun, thoughtful,
and she really knows me.

- Lucy Gelman