Maternity sessions can be the most fun, relaxing, amazing thing to do to document your pregnancy, and I'm finding many people are deciding to wait, because they want to focus more on doing photos after their baby arrives. But guys! Maternity photos are just GORGEOUS! You might not feel incredible, but the truth is, you look incredible. And I can do very subtle things in Photoshop to make those things that are bugging you not show up in the photos... but shhh... don't tell... 

And this is an extraordinary time in your life. So to encourage more of you to go for it, I'm introducing my new at home maternity minishoot. 

Because really, you don't need 70 pictures of your belly. How about 25-40?

Usually my in-home sessions end with my clients seeing an online gallery of 50-70 final, frame-worthy images. My minishoots end with a gallery of about half that many, so it made sense to me to start offering an in-home 20 minute maternity session. We can have so much fun and get a nice variety of photos in 20 minutes at your house. And the truth is, I can stay longer than 20 minutes to talk and hang out... I just need to limit how many photos I take, just to keep my editing time under control. So I can get there, we can talk about outfits, make a plan... talk about your walls and where you might want to hang stuff... and while I'm there we'll get our 20 minutes of pictures done too.

Give me a call or shoot me an email anytime to chat about the details. The price for my at home 20 minute maternity minishoot is $250, and it includes an 8x10 metal print (valued at $62). You can also apply whatever you pay for this photoshoot to many of my Baby's First Year packages, some of which come with a Baby's First Year Coffeetable album at the end of your baby's first year... so win/win...

"When is a good time to do maternity photos?"

Lots of times I find people like to do these kind of photoshoots sometime between 34-38 weeks, but really as soon as you feel like your belly is full and round, let's go for it. We just don't want to wait until you're too close to your due date because you might not be as comfortable in the later weeks... (I'm sorry to mention it. Ugh, weeks 38-40!)

"Can you show me more samples of the kind of photos you take at people's homes? My apartment is NOT photo-ready."

I know, your place is a mess, full of boxes of gifts from the shower - your baby room isn't ready... I hear you, I've totally been there. I have two kids of my own and I see families with new babies all the time -- I promise your house can't be the messiest one I've ever seen! And seriously, don't worry. The photos I take in people's homes aren't about the location, they're about you. You can see in the samples I've linked below that you really don't see the background in my photos. I can work with just a window in the corner of a room... we can move mess around as we shoot... we can go outside... we can take pictures on the couch only... so many options. I've been taking maternity photos for over a decade and I want yours to be beautiful. We can do it, truly. Look at these maternity photos from the gallery on my website. And here are some other recent blog posts with baby bellies in them.

"I'm not convinced. I just want to do my pictures outdoors somewhere. OK?"

Absolutely. I get it! And you know what? These are your photos - I want you to love them. If you'd prefer to be outdoors I'd love to meet at Turner's Pond in Milton and do it as one of my 20 minute Turner's Pond Minishoots for $175 instead. These ones don't include the 8x10 metal print, but they're a great minishoot option if you want to do your maternity minishoot outdoors instead of in your home.

"Can I include older children in the photos?"

Oh my gosh, YES! We need to tell the story of this time in your life, which means we should include everyone who's part of that story. ESPECIALLY older siblings. They're my favorite thing. :)

"Wait, what? I get an 8x10 metal print?" 

Yes! All my at home maternity minishoots include an 8x10 metal print. You can choose your favorite shot from the session and I'll mail it to your house after the shoot! You can hang it in the baby's room or in your bedroom and it'll make you smile forever.


Also, if you'd like to purchase all the digital files after this minishoot, you are more than welcome to do that, or you can order individual JPGs or individual prints. All my print and JPG prices are on my prints and products page.

Come on. Let's document this time in your life. 

Check my calendar online to find a time, or just shoot me an email and we'll figure it out.