I have so much good info on this page! It's all awesome, but in Covid-times it's not super relevant, since I'm doing all social distancing outdoor minishoots these days. So I made a 2021 Pricing Guide - you can find it here.

In Home

All my shoots and JPG prices are detailed on various pages all over the website, depending on the kind of photoshoot. Specific pricing can be found on the in-home/location photoshoot page and the outdoor minishoots page, and then also on my baby's first year packages page, and my annual plan program page. The quick answer to your question is that my photoshoots in families' homes are about $250-$360 most of the year, and $460 in the fall when I get busy. I offer minishoots that range from $175-$275, and with all my sessions some families choose to own all the digital negatives (JPG files), while others decide to choose their favorite photos after the session. After the photoshoot I don't have minimum purchase requirements, but families tend to spend anywhere from $200-$800 with me after their shoot is over, just to help you with planning.

If you're interested, you can find my prints and products pricing here.

Baby's First Year Packages

Some families like to have me come take photos a few times in their baby's first year. I have a whole page of the website dedicated to talking about the Baby's First Year packages, but the long and the short of it is that you can either do 3 shoots in the year and get a photobook at the end of the year for $1,200, or you can do 5 shoots in the year and get a photobook at the end of it for $1,700. You can read more about those packages here.


I also offer minishoots in the Boston Public Garden in the fall and in the spring and at Turner's Pond in Milton all year round for families with children who are all over one year old. These minishoots cost less than my in home shoots (minishoots are $175-$275 for 20 minutes), and the digital files for these are available for less as well ($425 for all of the JPGs from a minishoot). Lots more information about minishoots is available on the minishoots page found here.

Parties & Events

I'd love to talk to you about taking pictures at your family event. I'm honored to have been invited to document many family reunions, birthday parties, christenings and other ceremonies over the last decade. All my parties & events packages include the download of all the digital negatives (JPG files) and different lengths of time for coverage. I have lots more information on the Parties & Events page of the site.

Thanks so much for considering all this.

I know photos are an investment.

I know if you have me take photos for your family you'll adore them. You really will. But I'll always make it right if there's ever a question or a problem. I promise.