I know many photographers like to create their own custom holiday cards or birth announcements for their clients, but not me. See, I'm not a designer at all. I've always said that I leave card design to the experts because I want your holiday cards to look incredible. So for a long time now I've been referring my clients to some really quality holiday card vendors (see below for links to their websites).


The Basics:

High res JPGs (digital negatives of your photos) are available. You can order all the JPGs from your shoot for $750, or individual JPGs at a rate of $75 each. Or if you're also ordering prints and/or photobooks, you can order your digital files as part of your order online through my order form by checking the JPG box next to the images you'd like. But to just pay for just a JPG or JPGs, click on this link to use your MasterCard, VISA or AmEx, and note the image number (or numbers) in the comments field. I will email you a link to download your JPG or JPGs in both color and b&w two business days (and often much sooner) after I receive payment.


-->Pay Jess for my JPG or JPGs.


More details & ways to save:

If you want to work with Minted or Mango Ink (my two favorite card vendors), the "additional JPG" pricing doesn't apply. That means if you work with one of these two companies, you can put as many photos on your card as you'd like and just pay me $75 for the use of all of them. With these two websites I can send JPGs directly to them, so in the comments field of the payment page to let me know which photos I should send to whom. Also let me know if you'd like one of the photos sent directly to you in high-res.

In previous years I've offered this same deal for Tiny Prints, but in June of 2017 they closed their Photographer storefront (when they transitioned over to Shutterfly) and I can no longer upload photos for you, so I can't offer this promotion for their website anymore, I'm sorry.



Tiny Prints specifics: This year (2017) Shutterfly and Tiny Prints have come together, and unfortunately they've changed their system pretty substantially. One thing that remains the same is that they still have one page where all their active coupons are posted. That's here. Other than linking to that page of coupons, I'm afraid I no longer can do anything super-duper fantastic when it comes to Tiny Prints. You can order JPGs at my standard rate of $75 each and I can send them to you and you can upload them into cards yourself now, and that's about it. (They don't have a Photographer Storefront anymore. So sad - that system was cool. Oh well.)

Tiny Prints Branded Logo 728x90



Minted specifics: They too have a page where all their active coupons are posted. It's here. Additionally, this year (2017), they've provided me with a 20% off coupon to share with my clients. Email me and I can send that discount code to you. If you'd like to order cards with them, choose any design from the site, and customize the colors, fonts, and message. Please make a note that I will be uploading your photo(s) in the [Add special design instructions here] field. Proceed to the checkout and enter your personal and payment information, review the order, and submit the order. Once the order is placed, please email me to ask that I upload specific image numbers and remember to give me your order number. If you have placed an order for a card with multiple photos, please let me know the order of the photos so I can upload them the right way. When the digital proof is ready for review, Minted will notify you via email.




Mango Ink specifics: This is a cool option - all year round, anytime, Mango Ink offers my clients 35% off their entire order (when you spend over $120) if you use this coupon code: "bostonbaby". Just place your order with them first, and then email me your order number and let me know which image numbers I should send to Ryan and Heidi.




-->Pay Jess for my JPG or JPGs.