Hi, I'm Jess.

I've always loved taking pictures, and I adore children. I live in Milton with my husband and two daughters, and I do most of my shoots on location in my clients' homes or at outside fun locations near their homes. (I travel anywhere within an hour of Boston for photoshoots.)

I really and truly have always loved holding a camera. In the picture on the left I'm eight years old, photographing my three year old sister in the backyard of the house in Milton where we grew up. Squinty eyed with my instamatic and stylin' blue sundress, rocking my 3rd grade Dorothy Hamill haircut.

I am so lucky to have spent the last decade taking pictures of babies, families, and expectant mothers in their homes all around the Boston area. I love what I do every day, and I feel so fortunate to have chronicled fun, crazy, quiet, energetic, and sweet moments for hundreds of fantastic families over the years. 

This job allows me to spend my days with children and families, doing what I adore: capturing personalities and relationships in photos. 

Here's the most recent shot I've got of me and my family -- taken over at the Milton Landing near my house (great spot for pictures, fwiw...). My fantastic husband Evan's the cute bald one on the right.

Interested in learning more? I wrote a whole ton about how I started Boston Baby Photos (and kinda found my calling) over at the About BBP page.