About Boston Baby Photos

I'm really proud of what Boston Baby Photos has become. After studying photography at Connecticut College and then working for a few years at a marketing agency on the account side, I got my MBA at night from Boston University and graduated in 2003, ready to start my photography business.

I like that BBP reflects different parts of me. I love the visual art of it—whether it's shooting the photos, creating the website, posting on the blog—all of it feeds my creative side. Then there's the personal side—the relationships I've made over the years. I adore the clients who've become friends and the friends who've become clients—the relationships are just wonderful in both directions. When families email as soon as they've seen their gallery of photos, and they're bursting with excitement—loving their baby, loving the photos, just bubbling over with excitement and tears—they make my heart swell every time. 

And then, BBP gives me a chance to contribute in another way that is dear to my heart. In May of 2013, to commemorate ten years and thousands of photoshoots, I created a traveling Jimmy Fund benefit gallery show called "10 Years of Boston Baby Photos." It featured 100 black-and-white photos of children and families, divided into 10 thematic categories, and it traveled for a full year to various Boston Public Library branches and other public spaces. In its year of travels, I'm proud to say that the show raised over $6,000 in donations to the Jimmy Fund.


BBP in the News

Now and again cool things happen and BBP does newsworthy things. A few years ago The Boston Parents Paper did a piece. That's linked here:

Ooh and then there was that time (my 1,000th photoshoot!) when I got to take photos at Fenway (click the photo for that full story):

Then another time recently the fact that I didn't use my phone one summer got a lot of press. The New York Times' Motherlode blog's KJ Dell'Antonia interviewed me about it for this article:

And then the local news came and interviewed me about it too:

Ok, ok, I'll stop with the old news articles. I just get really excited when BBP is highlighted somewhere, thanks for humoring me. 


My thoughts on Black & White vs. Color

Those of you who know my work know that I’m a black-&-white kind of girl.  I love stripping color out of a moment, so that light and expressions and emotion tell the story.  I know we all love to see the pink in our children’s cheeks and the color of those eyes, but when a picture is in color, our first inclination is to experience the color.  Only after we have soaked in the color are we are able to start actually seeing the kids, the story, the fun…

But, I should be clear—since so much of what you'll see on my website is in black & white—I do always provide all the photos from every session in both b&w and color.  I adore the b&w indoor shots (especially of babies), but I do appreciate the outdoor shots in color (especially of children old enough to walk and play outdoors), so I find it's helpful to show my clients their photos both ways. 

Thanks for reading! Don't hestitate to give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any other questions about BBP or about doing photos with me. 

xo Jess