BBP Frames: The Glasgow, The Parsons and The Pratt

Gorgeous, modern photography deserves equally gorgeous, modern frames. I believe there’s great value in completing your images through a polished final product. Presenting your photographs in archival matted frames elevates your portrait investment to the status of art, transforming your walls into a gallery to be experienced and enjoyed daily. 

Wondering how to get your photos up on your walls? I can help. I offer canvas or framed photo collections, and I can help you decide what works best in your space. This page introduces my museum-quality frames. They elegantly present your session’s images, and I can help you arrange those photographs in a showpiece display. My line of low-profile, high-impact frames is designed to complement any decor--classic, modern, beachy, or rustic. Their clean style ensures that the frames don’t compete with the image, but enhance and elevate it. Made in California with sustainable American materials, real glass (not plexi!), and acid-free mats, the frames’ archival construction protects your photographs, ensuring that your images will remain an heirloom once hung in your home. 

I have three frames styles available a la carte or in my wall collections.

Introducing... (click below the photos on the colors listed for details about each frame)

the glasgow frame

The Glasgow frame is available in black, silver and gold.


the parsons frame

The Parsons frame is available in black and white.


the pratt frame

The Pratt frame is available in espresso and barn grey.

And of course, not to be forgotten - a super detailed price comparison chart, showing how these framed prints compare to my loose prints, my metal prints and my canvases. If you're on your phone or this is too much information for right now, a nice simple pricing list is also posted on my prints and products page. But if you want to compare sizes/prices, here's the full chart:


Do you not really even know where to begin? Schedule a wall consulation with me between January and June (things get a little too crazy with BBP from July-December for me to do wall consults then). But in Q1 and Q2 I would LOVE to come see you and talk about what would look best where in your house. Send me an email or check out my schedule online to find a time for a wall consulting meeting. I also have more info about my (free) wall consulting meetings up on the new Wall Consultations & Gallery Collections page of my website.